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    Bringing a boat.
    boat-landing at Lake Thompson

  Whether you are looking for an active lake for water-skiing, tubing, jet skiing, or a more peaceful lake for fishing, relaxing, or canoeing, you'll be able to find the perfect lake to suit your needs. Three of the Rhinelander area's most popular lakes are Clear Lake (40 acres), which is great for swimming, fishing, canoeing, and relaxing peacefully, Lake George, and Lake Thompson (432 acres and 382 acres respectfully) are excellent for water sports canoeing and fishing everything from Pan Fish and Crappie to Walleye and Muskie. You'll be able to find the perfect lake to suit your needs. Rhinelander, Wisconsin has an abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams to enjoy and our resorts accommodations will make your vacation a memorable experience.  

  Lake Thompson   Clear-Lake
Lake Thompson covers 386 acres and has a maximum depth of 35 feet. If you are planning to engage in fishing or boating activities, please be sure to familiarize yourself with rules, regulations and license requirements.
          Contour Map of Lake Thompson

  Clear Lake covers 40 acres and has a maximum depth of 24 feet. It is a quiet, private lake with a undeveloped shoreline. Clear Lake is not a motorized lake and does not have a public boat landing.  
  Lake -George   Pelican-River
Lake George covers 435 acres and has maximum depth of 26 feet. 
                 Contour Map of Lake George
Pelican River
Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!
Protect Our Lakes.
Prevent the transport of nuisance species. Please clean all recreation equipment. Boats must be washed first before launching. Drain water from boat, motor, bilge, live wells and bait containers. For more information, check out
  Remove any visible plants, fish or animals.
Remove mud and dirt since it too may contain a hitchhiker.  Remove even plant fragments as they may contain a hitchhiker.
Do not transport any potential hitchhiker, even back to your home. Remove and leave them at the site you visited. Eliminate all water from every conceivable item before you leave the area you are visiting.

Remove water from motors, jet drives, live wells, boat hulls, scuba tanks and regulators, boots, waders, bait buckets, seaplane floats, swimming floats.