Located in Rhinelander, the Home of the
Hodag, the Logging Museum is the only authentic logging camp in Northern Wisconsin. Here, you can go back to a time that has long been forgotten, the days of Boom Sticks, Bullwhackers, Cant hooks, Tote Roads, and Cook Shanties. The Rhinelander  Logging Museum is a true to life replica of a lumber camp from the 1870's, when Northern Wisconsin was still a virgin forest. The Logging museum is a perfect way to start your Northwoods vacation.

The Museum is located inside of Rhinelanders Pioneer Park Historical Complex located on Martin Lynch Drive. The entrance road is on the instersection of Oneida Ave, and Ocala Street in Rhinelander.  Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, on Tuesday-Saturday: 10-a.m. to 5-p.m., Sundays: 12 Noon - 4P.M. Closed Sundays. After Labor Day we are open in September on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:a.m. - 5p.m. There is no admission charge, but donations are greatly appreciated.  Don't forget your cameras.


     Main Entrance   

During the late 19th century, as civilization forged into the last northern outposts of Wisconsin's virgin wilderness, one type of man came first, the logger. It was he who hewed out the" tote" roads which were the first feelers of civilization's farms and cities. And yet, because he was a true provincial, cut off from niceties of that Civilization, the loggers developed their own unique and colorful  culture.


Cook Shanty


The true to life lumber camp of the 1870's  consists of  a bunkhouse, a cook shanty, and a blacksmith shop. These are constructed of Norway pine logs. The early cook and sleeping shanties all came under the same roof, but were latter separated with a cross walk between them for sanitary reasons.






Logging Equipment

As you can see here, the chinking between the logs is plaster, however, the early lumber camps used sphagnum moss. Many of the tools and equipment used by the early loggers are on display at the Logging Museum, including a Road Icier, the 'Big Wheels' used to haul the logs, a Steam Hauler, and the Thunder Lake 80,000 lb steam engine, the last of six, that ran the narrow gauge railroads with logs.   

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Rhinelanders Pioneer Park Historical Complex
  Pioneer Park Historical Complex was founded in 1932 as The Rhinelander Logging Museum. It's location was changed from beside the paper mill to its current location at Pioneer Park in 1954. The Complex has since added 7 unique museums on the same complex grounds, including:

The Logging Museum, it being the oldest museum of its kind in the world, with authentic 1880's log built Lumberjack Bunkhouse, Cookshack, and Blacksmith Shop.

Red Marquardt's Antique Sawmill Building, featuring a small Sawmill operation that ran locally for many decades by Red Marquardt in the Town of Stella East of Rhinelander and is representative of the many of the small mills in the area.

The Rural One-Room School Museum, featuring an authentic one-room Schoolhouse moved from the Pine Lake area to the Complex, completely furnished with period artifacts from the days of rural wisconsin schools. Guided by retired Teachers from the area.

The Civilian Conservation Corp Museum, featuring an exact replica of a CCC barracks building, with the most complete collection of CCC artifacts and memorabilia in the country.

The Fire Barn, which includes some of Rhinelanders earliest fire trucks, the prize of which is Rhinelanders first horse drawn fire-wagon.

Dukes Outboard Museum, which includes dozens of antique Outboard motors, and several fine examples of boats built in the Rhinelander area. Particularly interesting to those that have been resorting in the Northwoods for many years.

Restored Soo Line Depot and Model Rail Museum, which includes a wonderfully restored Soo Depot from downtown Rhinelander and moved to the Complex. Between the Logging Camp Bunkhouse and the Depot features large equipment used by the Logging industry as well as examples of The Narrow Gauge Rail Lines used by the local lumber industry, which ties into Rhinelanders rail history. The Thunder Lake Lumber Company's "5 Spot" sits out front of the Depot which has been completely stocked with wonderful artifacts from Rail history passed. The Depot also includes a marvelous Model Rail exhibit representing the Rhinelander Community and was constructed by, and maintained by Rhinelanders Model Rail Road Association.